Marketing Is One of the Happiest Professional Industries To Work in (Infographic)

Haven’t blogged in a while but here is the result of something I’ve been working on, there were some interesting findings so I thought it’s worth sharing.

So it turns out that marketers are super happy people. According the this stats in this infographic, marketers are the happiest workers in the UK (in the professionals) category.

Apparently, we feel recognised and appreciated, we feel like we’re doing something worthwhile, we feel like we get some decent training, and we feel like we get to use our skills everyday. I want to pick on a couple of them.

  • 73% of the marketers surveyed said that they feel recognised and appreciated

I suspect marketers across the board will probably have put their marketing skills to good use and as a result are feeling the recognition.  Marketers are probably the best people at marketing themselves right?

Well I can personally attest to the feeling recognised. However the recognition doesn’t just happen by itself, you have to earn and fight for it, I was never very good at marketing myself but received a wake up call when one of the MD’s didn’t realise I would be able to handle uploading something onto WordPress. Dude, I make websites in my spare time. I had always been bought up to be modest (to the point of dismissing praise!) and since the wake up call I realised that it’s ok, nay, it’s a good idea, to let the world know about genuine achievements (you can’t make stuff up or exaggerate…that would be lying).

Key Takeaway:

People are busy, they don’t have time to look for the great things that you’ve done, you need to fight for the recognition and put your achievements on a plate for them. Feeling recognised and appreciated at work is one of the key factors to feeling happy in a place you spend most of your waking hours.

  • 60% of the marketers surveyed said that they get training support and development

Yep- definitely feel this too. The digital marketing industry moves at an incredibly pace, you only have to think back to how many Google algorithm updates have happened this year to realised that if you don’t encourage a culture of learning, your staff and your business becomes obsolete. Just this year, I’ve been given great opportunities to learn at the Brighton SEO conference, Econsultancy and Outbrain’s Research Preview: State of Content Marketing & Discovery event and numerous Content Strategy Association UK meetings and as a result the company have gained one content marketing evangelist.

Key Takeaway:

Not sure about a key takeaway here, but maybe find a company who are willing to facilitate learning. If you don’t work for one, push for this positive change because everyone’s happier for it. Companies have happier and smarter staff, and staff well..are smarter and happier.

Anyway, enough marketing ramblings. How do these stats hold for the industry you work in? I’m particularly keen to hear what feedback you teachers have. Apparently teachers lurvvv their colleagues…(to the point of being cliquey in my humble opinion).


City & Guilds Career Happiness Index 2012

Link bait: Infographics don’t count for sh*t anymore

You won’t find Gon from Hunter x Hunter link baiting…

I think I got what the industry calls “link-baited” into opening this article..If you take a look at the interview between Matt Cutts and Eric Enge-Search Engine Land have basically pulled the most bait-worthy (not even  the most interesting..) bit out about infographic links becoming discounted and written a short post about it.

As an SEO, I’m always interested in new ways to bait people into linking to our clients. So naturally, when Search Engine Land posted an article about one of the hottest ways of link baiting not being effective any more using this title:

“Cutts: Infographic Links Might Get Discounted In The Future”

I was like O. M. G.

I knew deep down that eventually infographic links wouldn’t build a website’s rankings at some point. Infographics are being spammed, I can’t think of how many awful/generic ones I’ve seen out there and I think Google will have cottoned on that they are being abused (by some) way before I did.

But the fact that Matt Cutts has just come out and said this, makes me think, good old Google, they’ve done it again (one of the comments said that this is a “Just another “bully” stance” by Google). Usually, if Matt sama publicly states something like this- it is already happening.  Put it this way- Matt sama’s is paid to keep ahead of the latest spam techniques.

Any way, back to the original point I wanted to make-just because infographics will eventually become obsolete (if not already), the fact that Search Engine Land have got me (baited me) into opening their article is proof that link baiting as a method is still (and will stay) effective for a long time to come. The baiter has been baited! Nice one guys.

Do marketing shows work?


Check out all the free shit I got from Marketing Week’s online marketing show!

As you can imagine, you don’t get free stuff for no reason. Each of these items cost me 2 mins of my time. Generally I stood there like a lemon letting the sales person pitch their product at me.. I swapped a few business cards but was mostly disappointed that there weren’t more services/suppliers that could help me do my job better.

I find myself wondering how many leads do people get from the show, and then how many of those leads are actually good. I don’t imagine many..I don’t plan to call any of those guys anytime soon.

Or is the show more about branding rather than lead generation?

Is it like a party you should be seen at even though you know you have better things to do with your time? If it is the latter then I think a lot of the exhibitors should do the show with a mentality. Bottom line is, just straight up directly selling your product at an exhibition is boring, we need to start selling indirectly.

Back to the party analogy:

You can always spot the guys who are blatantly there trying to score. Their advances are often off-putting and isn’t fruitful. Girls stay the f*** away from them because the smell of desperation is vomit inducing.

My thoughts on how it should be done

Instead of going to the party to hit on people, go to the party and make an impression and the phone numbers will follow.

This means doing something memorable like vomit in the sink instead of the toilet..(ideally you should try be remembered for something positive but lets be’s really hard unless you are a talented musician and even then you risk looking like a show off).

But my point is, more exhibitors should go to the show just to make an impression rather than to sell sell sell.

My manager suggested getting 2 hot girls and 2 hot guys to jiggle about on the stand.. But I actually think we can work with this. Our brand name is the name of a fish that lives in the ocean, so we should totally dress up in beach wear! Something, anything will do!

Overall, sorry freebie guys, try harder next time and thanks for the sweets!

Why do you guys go to industry shows? What are your leads like?

Diamond Jubiliee- I spent more time taking pictures of people trying to see the Queen than seeing the Queen..

It’s a bit late since the Diamond Jubilee was like a week ago…but I thought I’d share my Diamond Jubilee experience!

It was hilarious!

After looking for (and not finding) a good spot to view the flotilla, we realised we stand little chance of seeing the Queen on a boat..

But it was still fun taking pictures of people desperately trying to get a glimpse of Her Majesty (on a boat)!

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Some adjustments to my Search Metrics tool!

It was the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday last Monday and Tuesday and I also took the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off too, so in short, I’ve been off on holiday for aaaggesss…

I took the opportunity to make my little tool look a little prettier and also added some features/fixes I said I would in the last post.

I also made a birthday cake:

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My first programming project-making the most of Search Metrics!

More search metrics data toolI’ve been a busy lass recently! And I’ll tell you why…I have completed my first programming project!

I got it to minimum viable product level (which is programmer talk for “it works”. It’s ugly as hell, and there are a few bugs/”features” that need fixing, but IT LIVES!). Continue reading


At 5.30, I finished work and started making my way down the office stairs, joyfully nibbling away on a banana I didn’t get a chance to eat during the day.

As I went passed the toilets my bladder decided I needed the toilet and I thought “can’t take a peeled banana into my cubicle, that would be unhygienic” …

So I thought I’d put the banana on the sink basin in the other cubicle (where it would be safe from any sort of piss cloud contamination) and thought I’d pick it up and resume eating it when I’m done weeing… Continue reading

Day 12 of my happiness experiment- Youth and age!


Bank tube stop was fucked today! And this (left) was why. “Severe Overcrowding”. I’m not even sure why this happened today, there wasn’t any special event on or anything, just a normal Wednesday morning.

It was so “severely overcrowded” that they had to stop all DLR trains from going into (or leaving) Bank to try and ebb the number of people coming into the station. This was not before I arrived and I got stuck in this sea of people.. It took me 15 mins to shuffle to my platform-a journey that only takes 1 or 2 minutes normally!

And they say we’re ready for the Olympics…

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Day 11 of my happiness experiment- Physical and mental health!

I went to the doctors this evening. After 3 years of on-and-off ear piercing infections, I finally decided to sought help.

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Day 8, 9, 10 of my happiness experiment-One big massive post on marriage freedom, being Chinese and British weather

Uh oh! I’m so behind on my blog posts!  I wonder if I can combine them all into one big one..

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