Why is the Ice cream man always so sad looking?

Today is the second time the ice cream man visited our street and despite not having thought about ice-cream for a good week or two since he last cam came, I suddenly really felt like a 99p Flake. So then followed a mad rush (which I’m sure I’m not the only one to have experienced) to get my clothes on (I was in bed, Sunday afternoon), to find change and to get to the van before it leaves. I didn’t even put shoes on because I was so damn scared that the ice cream man would leave. I kept imagining a picture where I’m standing in the middle of the road as the ice-cream van pulled away and I had to shamefully return to the house with no ice cream…

And guess what, after my epic quest to the van (whose window was typically facing away from my house, just to be that little bit more difficult) I was reluctantly greeted by the most depressed tattooed overweight bald ice-cream man you ever did see and I thought “what’s up with that?!”.

But why did that shock me? For what reason do I assume that an ice-cream man should be all jolly and kind looking? I live in Middlesbrough, the ice-cream man probably has a regular family and regular dog. I forget these things as soon as I hear the ice-cream van siren which thinking about it he’s probably really embarrassed about, big burly man announcing his arrival with the most child friendly noise possible.

What’s more, he knows that there is a customer on Oxford Street and will keep coming back and if I don’t get an ice-cream, he’ll feel like it was a waste of time coming here. Being a nice girl, I don’t want to add to his load so I guess I’m a life time customer now…


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