Something that tickled me-Nato alphabet


I laugh at some of the silliest thing, the latest being someone reading out a reference number to someone else using the NATO phonetic alphabet (today I learned that’s what it’s called!). They said “C for Charlie, A for Alpha, Q for Cuba“!

I have been meaning to learn the NATO alphabet once and for all since it standardises spelling between you and your colleagues, customer service, interviewer..But thus far I only known half of them and make up the rest when I’m stuck..They’re not exactly common terms (What’s a Lima??!) so it’s hard to get away from the old associations I’ve been using to adopt a new lot of words!

But you’ll learn that this is just the way life can’t just stick to bad practices all your life just because it’s harder to learn new things-you’ll remain stagnant in a world that requires you to be dynamic to succeed. So here I G for gold, O for Oscar.


One response to “Something that tickled me-Nato alphabet

  1. diddy

    Haha this is great! People always try to use it with me at work and I end up confused. Lima’s a place in Peru by the way :p.

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