How To Get A Job-With Skillz!

So here’s a blog post that’s long over due since I’ve now been in my current job for coming up to 4 months. I’ve moved up and down the country a few times since I graduated (Birmingham to London, London to Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough to London) and I’ve needed to get a job each time I moved. The road has been bumpy at times but I’ve finally landed in a job I am completely happy and motivated to do well at, progress and make them lots of money in return for personal growth.

So here’s a thought. There are two routes to getting a job:

  1. You have a skill that is useful to a company
  2. You have experience that is useful to a company

I fall into the second category-I’ve had to do lots of rubbish jobs to be able to land the one I have now. I did an unpaid PR work experience, then went into doing a £150 a week recruitment internship, then got a job in recruitment and then went SEO sales (where I was better at blogging..and became a SEO content writer) and now I’m an SEO executive for a reputable agency!

So how I got the current job I’m in at the moment-SEO executive was all down to the fact I had worked in an SEO company not doing a major big technical SEO role-I was an SEO blogger which meant I wrote lots of 150 word content and put a link in it to our clients. Looking back now, the SEO knowledge I had back then was absolutely terrible compared to what I know now.

But that’s ok-I had one piece of the puzzle and my current company thought that this was enough to hire me. It’s all about building yourself up bit by bit. Companies will take a chance on you if you have something small to offer already.

I don’t buy into (anymore) “you need a job to get experience, you need experience to get a job” excuse anymore-working is a great way to build skills but if that’s not an option you should use the time you are unemployed to get skills that employers want.

If you don’t have any skills that are valuable to a company go learn it, else you will have to take the long (3 years since I graduated) and shit route that I did to getting your dream job..

Have I missed anything? If you agree with me then share with your unemployed friends who need a bit of inspiration through learning about my mistakes!


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