Cindy and her pursuit of happiness-21 Day Happiness Experiment

As I’m a noob SEO, I pretty much hang on every word Matt Cutts from Google says (homage to Google!). Whether it’s about SEO or other stuff!

So, naturally, I really liked the challenge posed by Matt sama (praise Google!) on TED about trying something new  for 30 days…I found myself thinking, “yeah..why not! Matt sama is onto something there” and I bought into the idea.

But I was practically stuck. I wasn’t so sure what to do for 30 days.

I came across another video (I’ve been using my TED app a lot recently..) of Shawn Achor talking about happiness and productivity and creativity amongst other things. He’d done lots of experiments where he asked the employees of several companies, to do a few things for 21 days:

  1. Journaling 1 postive thing that happened to you during the day
  2. 1 act of kindness like sending a thank you to someone in your social support network
  3. Record 3 new things you are grateful for each day
  4. Meditate

And surprise surprise, I have my mini experiment. I’ll be doing and recording the first 3 things you see in the list here. I’ll have a mini review on the 21st day and then a big big review on the 30th day.

If the 30 days thing goes well, you might even see my future endeavours here. But in the meantime, you’ve been warned about look forward to lots of happy blog posts!

It’s not that I’m unhappy..It’s actually because I might be able to become happier and this is the aspect that interests me most. Achor says that if you’re happy, you produce more Dopamine and Dopamine turns on all the learning centres in your brain. I’m uber interested in learning more effectively, increasing my creativity and my productivity and Achor’s experiment promises those things in 21 days.

His findings have probably been refuted/supported a lot since he did the talk in 2009 but I think it’s good to try things out for yourself and see how well it fits you.

If it goes awry, then at least I’ll have tried something Matt (hail Google!) suggested and learn not to trust these positive, unicorn, happiness videos just because they have some interesting stats and studies or interesting people to support their case.

If I don’t learn a thing, least it’s only 30 days!

Is this even a good idea? Anyone tried doing something similar-and failed or succeeded? Let me know in the comments! 


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