Day 1 of my happiness experiment-Rude London Tube

Day 1 of the happiness experiment, hopefully I’ve done this right. Tally ho! Here we go!

My daily commute usually goes Devons Road to Poplar, Poplar to Bank, Bank to Elephant and Castle. But all DLR trains to Bank were suspended!

I was to change at Canary Wharf, at this point I was desperately struggling to find positive things…

Anyway the 1 positive that happened today :

I was in a commute-zombie state and got off at Poplar instead of staying on till Canary Wharf.

happiness experiment victory baby

And then there was a sudden moment of realisation (it went something like this: “SHIT I shouldn’t have got off! OH GOD I NEED TO GET BACK ON!”).

The good thing that happened was I managed to dive back on to the DLR in time as the doors were shutting, and I got a seat.

1 act of kindness:

Sent and email to a special person saying thank you for cheering me up when I’m down!

I think I will have to do this a lot as I have a lot of people to thank for various things..!

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

    I’m grateful for:
  1. Not dying from CO poisoning – We suspected a gas leak last night and called the National Grid guy to come check it out. He said that the boiler wasn’t installed properly and that all the bad fumes weren’t ventilating properly and coming back into the flat-carbon monoxide included..
  2. Awesome boss who helped me out get shower access at work – Since our boilers was too “immediately dangerous” to use it was shut off and that meant no hot water..
  3. Happy tube workers -Morning rush hour on the London underground is awful, and there’s nothing like a happy tube worker to cheer you up. Instead of saying the boring usual “mind the doors…” this one changed her phrasing to “please make sure all your bits and pieces are inside the doors” and what a difference it makes!

So there we have it our first post! Trying to scan for positive things took a bit of getting used to but I can feel myself getting better at it bit by bit.

Anyone feel tube rage like I do? How do you deal with it?! 


One response to “Day 1 of my happiness experiment-Rude London Tube

  1. I loved it when I went to the Notting Hill Carnival and a policeman was shouting “If you’re not smiling go home!” Simple thing that made so much difference.

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