Day 3 of Cindy’s happiness experiment-Train People/People On The Train

Day three of the happiness experiment. On with the post!

Me and te boyf booked the day off work to travel up to Scotland for his dad’s 50th birthday. We left the house 5 minutes late and then boyf didn’t have his Oyster card so we had to buy a ticket instead. Big massive rush to the station during rush hour-not the best situations for finding positive happenings!

Luckily, I write these blogs at the end of the day so it’s way easier..

1 positive thing that happened today:

We were running a bit late for the train to Glasgow- but luckily it was 4 minutes delayed so we managed to get on!

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. People who are willing to say things back to people who lash out unnecessarilyWe were waiting to get on the train carriage but there was a bit of a queue. Some arsey man shouted “can people down the front move in a bit more”, everyone was clearly annoyed by this guy, it’s not like people were standing there on purpose.We all thought it but there was one guy who retorted with “We can’t move down, the train isn’t going to leave because they can see we’er still out here trying to get on, they aren’t doing it to annoy you so calm down”.I was thinking all of this in my head but didn’t have the guts to say anything back, so I’m grateful there are more vocal people out there who can shut the noisey people down. Boom!
  2. The fact that stewing beef makes it tender, and if you get it right, it’ll melt in your mouth.
  3. Older folks that have tons of personality-I tend to forget that there are adults who have interesting personalities because I expect people to grow out of themselves.

1 act of kindness:

Not sure if this counts but an old couple who had booked seats were separated. One of them sat in the seat next to me and other one had the seat behind us.

They asked if I could swap with them so they could sit together and I obviously said yes. How could I refuse?!

They still love each other enough and cared about siting next to each other after so many years! It would be like separating to little turtle doves for a 4 hour train journey and I didn’t have the heart to say nah.

But most people would give up their seat for a couple wouldn’t they? Is there a particular food that makes you grateful and appreciative?


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