Day 5 of my happiness experiment- Hindsight and Nostalgia

We were woken up by boyfs family asking us if we wanted to see the monthly farmer’s market and get breakfast there. I was like “hell yeah!” a chance to visit a Scottish farmer’s market and a promise of food, it doesn’t take more than that to get me out of bed.

Our trip came to an end at 3pm and we had to make our way to the train station for our 7hr journey back down to London. Fun times!

1 positive thing that happened today:

When we got back to London at around 11.30pm, the next DLR from Canary Wharf to Devon’s Road was in half an hour. I suggested that we get the bus but boyf is always against getting on a bus for some unknown reason. We waited for a few minutes when he started looking smug when the scheduled bus didn’t bother to stop for us (like he was desperate to prove his point that buses are rubbish!) and started walking to find a taxi (which are a total rip off..I would rather wait for a bus in most circumstances..). When all of a sudden, another bus turns up!

The cherry on the top came when bus driver let him ride for free and I used my travelcard! So that’s a tenner we saved right there!

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. People who are willing to tell you the correct way when you are inexperiencedI tried a venison burger for the first time ever. When I said I was going to get some ketchup, the family friends immediately exclaimed-“No!! You don’t want ketchup on venison”, when I said I was going to ask for some onions they also said “no! Onions on venison? Are you mad!?”.They didn’t really explain why it was such an aboniation to smother my venison burger in ketchup and onion, but I was glad they did because it was so delicious and I wouldn’t have been able to experience it if the family friends hadn’t stopped me!I find a lot of people don’t want to come across as over bearing, or pretentious or whatever and who have held back from handy tips like that. That’s why I always make a point of letting my boyfriend know when he’s picked a ladies drinks at bars or parties hehe 😛
  2. The fact that we are able to see things in hindsight– As me and boyf were walking back from the farmers market, we saw some pedal boats and decided that we want to go on them so we could say we went boating in a loch (Scottish for lake??).We didn’t in the end, but in hindsight, it would have probably cost a fortune, and wouldn’t have been all that fun since they usually put up a floating perimeter and force you to stay in a small corner of the loch. We went in the sauna in the lodge instead and that was way more fun!
  3. The fact that we experience nostalgia– Our route our train went was very familiar. We went past York as the sun was setting and I felt this huge wave of nostalgia. I remembered the good and bad times that made uni a great experience and felt so grateful. Nostalgia is probably a distant cousin of gratefullness?

1 act of kindness:
A friend Skyped me asking if we wanted to see the Avengers on Saturday. I immediately replied with a thank you for taking the initiative to organise something fun. I find it really hard to organise fun things for a large group of individuals (and they tend to fall apart in one way or another..) so I’m thoroughly grateful that there is a friend in my social support network to relieve me of this duty once in a while!

It’s great there are super orgainised individuals in the group so we can all see each other despite all our busy lives.

Thoughts on anything in the post? Do you like nostalgia? Rubbish at organising? Comment below!


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