Day 6 of my happiness experiment- The fast internet is a privilege not a right!

Well the internet died in the office so we all got sent home to work.




1 positive thing that happened today: I got to have a quick 1/2hr lunch with my boyfriend in Canary Wharf on the way home from work-and I didn’t puke my salad up just looking at him! Jokes..

1 act of kindness: I didn’t do it! Should I do two in one day or just leave it?!

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. The fact that there there is such a thing as fast internet most of the time! My weekend in Scotland and the terrible connection at work today showed new that despite the technological revolutionary age thingy we live in, it is entirely possible to have shit internet. And some people deal with it everyday whilst I only have to on occasion.
  2. Having a nice understanding boss- Who apologised for causing us to travel unnecessarily because there wasn’t enough internet juice. On my way out, I heard him whisper: “sorry..” and it wasn’t even his fault really.
  3. The way people try to explain complex technical things in simple terms- I’ve heard a few but the the cream of the crop would be “Think of a web pages as a load of shapes and colours” and “the internet is a just series of pipes and tubes”…

Anyone else know any good analogies? Comment below yah!


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