Day 7 of my happiness experiment- Suicide Blog Posts…

Worked from home day today as BT still haven’t fixed the internet at work!

So, being in SEO, I have to sift through tons of blogs a day and get in touch with bloggers and do some blogger outreach. Today I found my first suicide blog post…I ended up reading a few of the final posts. I think this happiness thingy must be working because although I could undestand what the guy was saying, I still have a bright(ish) outlook on life and stuff.

I’d be lying if reading them didn’t affect me, but its not affected me in a wholly negative way like I thought it would.

1 positive thing that happened today:

Finding and reading those final blog posts out of such a big blogosphere was a positive thing. It presented me with a chance to have a think about things.  So my condolences Jeff and those who knew him.

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. That I have a really superb bunch of friends- When I read through the suicide posts, it was very obvious that the guy was very troubled. It seems he felt like his life was at a dead end. It made me think about my own life and I’m glad that I have enough people around to remind me I have stuff going for me.
  2. That I still have my sanity- They guy who killed himself suffered from Bi-polar depression. I’ve not got first hand experience in this but I do have an aunt who suffers from bi-polar, manic depressive schizophrenia. She leaves a lot of messages on my phone, and when she rings me during one of her bi-polar spells, it becomes apparent to me that the human brain is a very complex thing, and complex things can “break”. This is why I’m grateful that despite some rubbish experiences (nothing in comparison to what some people go through mind, but grateful nonetheless), I’ve been able to escape with noubt but a bruised pride, sanity in tact.
  3. That games exist-For when it all seems a bit much and you want to just mellow out for a bit.
1 act of kindness: Gave my aunt a long over due phone call.

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