Day 8, 9, 10 of my happiness experiment-One big massive post on marriage freedom, being Chinese and British weather

Uh oh! I’m so behind on my blog posts!  I wonder if I can combine them all into one big one..

positive things that happened:

DLR being there when I get to the station-makes all the difference as I hate waiting!

My brie is not off! I bought some brie and forgot to put it in the fridge over night..

The sun has shined for the whole weekend- not that I went and did anything with it but it makes such a difference when you lift your head up from looking at the laptop and it’s outside and it’s gloomy.

9 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. That fudge exists-We bought 5 bars of different fudges in Scotland I got to have some, it’s amazing how it just melts in your mouth and you can get ridiculous flavours-I had a Baileys and White Chocolate.
  2. There are cool shops that enhance your experience even if you are buying something as trivial as fudge-When I was in York- they made the fudge there in the kitchen and you can watch how they use the paddle.
  3. That auto spam filters are alright- This isn’t even a very popular blog (yet haha!) and I’ve already got a couple of spam comments. Looking at the content of them, I’m glad I don’t have to manually disapprove them myself..
  4. Algorithms are cool- Someone must have put a lot of thought into creating an algorithm to detect spam. I mean the spam comments looked quite legitimate (apart from the fact that it links to a mail order brides service..which brings me onto my next point..)
  5. I have choice over who I marry, if I marry-On the topic of mail order brides, it makes me remember how lucky I am in dating/marriage choices. I live in the UK where despite the fact that we have some problems, most women in the UK do get to choose who they marry. I know there are various nuances to marrital freedom in the UK for example there are still arranged marriages within the Asian community in the UK, but I’m glad that I’m one of the many women who get to choose. I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary on Anglo-Thai marriage agencies and have concluded that many of the women in the documentary have preconceived views on what Western men are like and/or willing to get married because they are pushed into (by their environmental/personal situations) signing up to a “Anglo-Thai marriage agency” to facilitate getting married to a Western guy. I have my own problems to face but I’m truly glad that I don’t have to compromise my love life to solve them.
  6. That I have relatively tolerant Chinese parents- On the topic of relationships, I feel I need to take a moment to be grateful for the parent I have. Coming from a Chinese background, it has been hard getting my Chinese parents to accept that I’m not a very typical Chinese daughter, and that I didn’t want to limit myself to dating Chinese boys when I was in my teen years. I got near total freedom when I moved out and went to uni. Well now I’m in my 20s, and have been with the same non-Chinese guy for a few years, my parents have come to accept that he’s not going to go anywhere. Though they don’t always make as much effort as they can to get to know him, I’m pretty grateful that they have accepted him.
  7. British weather-This is where I’m proving the happiness experiement is working! We get 6 months of winter and 6 months of not winter. A lot of people in the UK will disagree that this is actually something to be grateful for, hence the stereotype we’ve built for ourselves that we all love talking about the weather. But compare that to the world Game of Thrones is set in, where “winter lasts for generations” or other countries where it’s perpetually cold (like Canada!) and you can truly appreciate the mild British weather.
  8. Transport in London-There were no DLR trains going to or from Stratford during the weekend. We wanted to see the Avengers in Canary Wharf but had no car to get there and walking would take 45 minutes. Luckily there are 3 different buses that could take us from where we live to Canary Wharf! And they come really regularly!
  9. Heaters for tables outside the restaurant-When we got to Canary Wharf we decided to eat at La Tasca. It was a beautiful dusk and we wanted to enjoy our meal outside. 10 minutes after sitting outside, the two boys I was with were cold. I didn’t particularly want to go inside so we moved to a table under a heater and we stayed warm and while enjoying the last of the day time.
3 acts of kindness:
Called a friend to see how she was doing, last I heard she was very stressed.
Read up on whether giving money to homeless people is going to do more damage than good-I’ve set myself up so that I can do the right thing in the future.
Texted a friend to say thank you for always building my self esteem with regards to how I look- her compliments always makes such a difference when I feel bad about my body.

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