Day 11 of my happiness experiment- Physical and mental health!

I went to the doctors this evening. After 3 years of on-and-off ear piercing infections, I finally decided to sought help.

1 positive thing that happened today:

Went to the doctors for my awfully infected ear piercings. Silly thing really, but I’m really happy that she took one look at it and prescribed a cream for the infection. She said her daughter goes through the same thing with her piercings so I know this little tube of cream is gonna save me so much pain/itchiness.

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. Glad I’m not a teenager anymore-I was in the cinema toilets and a group of young teen girls were taking pictures of themselves in the toilet mirror for Facebook or something. I mean I probably did silly things as a teen but at least I won’t have (much) photographic evidence for everyone to see! Hmm maybe I will look back at this blog in a few decades time on a eye-phone or some awesome future electrical device and cringe..
  2. That I have my health- I do have a tense neck but nothing a nice massage won’t fix. I have another excuse to get a massage!
  3. That I have a manager who understands the impact of psychology staff performance-I watched this video of a Rory Sutherland- an digital marketing man with a cool British accent giving some good examples of factoring psychology into business decisions. It’s amazing that there are still managers out there that don’t ever factor in the fact that how your staff feel has a lot with them achieving targets. Luckily I have a manager who is seems to understand this and always try to factor managing psychology into his management techniques.

1 act of kindness:

I have an old friend who studied medicine and is now a qualified doctor. All these thoughts about health and going to the doctors etc. has made me realise I should probably thank him for putting up with me for only ever getting in touch when I have a medical question..It makes you realise that people are tolerant when you’ve been a complete arse, and they should be thanked for it.


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