Day 12 of my happiness experiment- Youth and age!


Bank tube stop was fucked today! And this (left) was why. “Severe Overcrowding”. I’m not even sure why this happened today, there wasn’t any special event on or anything, just a normal Wednesday morning.

It was so “severely overcrowded” that they had to stop all DLR trains from going into (or leaving) Bank to try and ebb the number of people coming into the station. This was not before I arrived and I got stuck in this sea of people.. It took me 15 mins to shuffle to my platform-a journey that only takes 1 or 2 minutes normally!

And they say we’re ready for the Olympics…

1 positive thing that happened today:

I find that it’s very easy to become a grumpy grown up when I commute to work so the fact that I managed to get to the office at 9:05 despite the over crowding bullshit, is my positive thing that happened today. I hate being late and it stresses me out so I was pleasantly surprised that I was only 5 minutes late! I need to chill…

3 new things you are grateful for each day:

  1. Glad that we all get to experience childhood once in our lives– Here’s proof that the happiness thing is working. I saw a mother her child in the doctors the other day. She let the kid race himself from one side of the surgery to the other. This kind of thing used to annoy me (I used to think “control your freaking kid!”) but now I find it kind of cheerful that kids can not give a fuck about how silly they look dashing back and forth between two walls. I’m almost envious, but mostly grateful that most children can go about enjoying themselves without a care in the world.
  2. Glad I don’t have to act my age all the time. Today I ate a Laughing Cow cheese on the tube while some snooty woman applied her make up, angrily tutting at her own reflection..I must have looked a bit special grinning away next to her but what do I care, I got a cheese..!
  3. That I have cohorts-A new girl joined the company on Monday. She’s the same age as me, went to uni and left uni in the same years, we even have the same Natwest bank card and share the same reason for choosing to go with Natwest. She’s a walking reminder that I share some things with an entire cohort of people out there and I’m grateful that I will no doubt get to meet some of them.

1 act of kindness:

I have a really quirky friend, sometimes too quirky for me. But all this stuff about youthfulness and fighting the urge to not slip into becoming a grumpy grown up has got me appreciating her just the way she is and I let her know.


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