At 5.30, I finished work and started making my way down the office stairs, joyfully nibbling away on a banana I didn’t get a chance to eat during the day.

As I went passed the toilets my bladder decided I needed the toilet and I thought “can’t take a peeled banana into my cubicle, that would be unhygienic” …

So I thought I’d put the banana on the sink basin in the other cubicle (where it would be safe from any sort of piss cloud contamination) and thought I’d pick it up and resume eating it when I’m done weeing…

And then I heard the other toilet door shut! And I was like “omfg my banana is in there with the other woman!”

I didn’t want to knock and ask her for my half eaten banana and instead quickly ran away!

I didn’t want to run the risk of bumping into each her..


And it was a damn good banana as well!

My emotions:


4 responses to “MY BANANA!

  1. Well you walking into a toilet with a banana would not make me think about hygiene… it would make me think that you was going to.. *cough errrr you know

  2. James Whiting

    You should never have given that banana protector to Olga, would have saved your life…

  3. Olga

    James had a good idea here 🙂 …once in a while he gets it right lol 🙂

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