Diamond Jubiliee- I spent more time taking pictures of people trying to see the Queen than seeing the Queen..

It’s a bit late since the Diamond Jubilee was like a week ago…but I thought I’d share my Diamond Jubilee experience!

It was hilarious!

After looking for (and not finding) a good spot to view the flotilla, we realised we stand little chance of seeing the Queen on a boat..

But it was still fun taking pictures of people desperately trying to get a glimpse of Her Majesty (on a boat)!

Here are 5 creative ways to view the Diamond Jubilee flotilla..

1. On yer bike:

2. On a port-a-loo (spelling anyone?? porter-loo, port a loo…):

3. On your buddy’s shoulders as if you’re a 5 year old:

4. On a Boris Bike stand, obviously…

5. On a billboard! Why not..

Maybe if I really thought about it like these guys did, I would have got a better view…!

Also..with all the excitement for the Queen being on a boat in the air, all I could think of was this song all the way through the once in a lifetime event:


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