Some adjustments to my Search Metrics tool!

It was the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday last Monday and Tuesday and I also took the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off too, so in short, I’ve been off on holiday for aaaggesss…

I took the opportunity to make my little tool look a little prettier and also added some features/fixes I said I would in the last post.

I also made a birthday cake:

Time off is bliss! I didn’t have to iron my clothes or anything and most days I just sat in my dressing gown “coding”!

Anyhoo, here’s some stuff during my time off.

  1. Added a “Reset” button-with the help of a friend.
  2. Added radio buttons for user (i.e. me!) to check the websites(s) visibility in the UK, US or the websites country of origin.
  3. Fixed the thing where a new iframe is made when there is a new line even if no website is there.
  4. Added a Contact form that has ready written responses!

Contact page:


Results page:

Things I need to fix and do bleh….

1. If you put in new websites after you’ve got results first time round, iframes are generated for the first websites again (ones you’ve already got an iframe already), i.e. duplicated iframes.

  • Why I need to fix-Because it sucks! And a waste of time having to wait for iframes/data you’ve already got..

2. Add some validation Javascript to the contact form and ask boyfriend to write me a back end script to deal with the contact data. :-b

I wonder when you’re supposed to think about hosting? There’s always gonna be stuff that needs to be done..or if it’s worth hosting at all… -_- Anybody got any experience with this kinda stuff?

Back to work tomorrow!


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