Link bait: Infographics don’t count for sh*t anymore

You won’t find Gon from Hunter x Hunter link baiting…

I think I got what the industry calls “link-baited” into opening this article..If you take a look at the interview between Matt Cutts and Eric Enge-Search Engine Land have basically pulled the most bait-worthy (not even  the most interesting..) bit out about infographic links becoming discounted and written a short post about it.

As an SEO, I’m always interested in new ways to bait people into linking to our clients. So naturally, when Search Engine Land posted an article about one of the hottest ways of link baiting not being effective any more using this title:

“Cutts: Infographic Links Might Get Discounted In The Future”

I was like O. M. G.

I knew deep down that eventually infographic links wouldn’t build a website’s rankings at some point. Infographics are being spammed, I can’t think of how many awful/generic ones I’ve seen out there and I think Google will have cottoned on that they are being abused (by some) way before I did.

But the fact that Matt Cutts has just come out and said this, makes me think, good old Google, they’ve done it again (one of the comments said that this is a “Just another “bully” stance” by Google). Usually, if Matt sama publicly states something like this- it is already happening.  Put it this way- Matt sama’s is paid to keep ahead of the latest spam techniques.

Any way, back to the original point I wanted to make-just because infographics will eventually become obsolete (if not already), the fact that Search Engine Land have got me (baited me) into opening their article is proof that link baiting as a method is still (and will stay) effective for a long time to come. The baiter has been baited! Nice one guys.