Day 12 of my happiness experiment- Youth and age!


Bank tube stop was fucked today! And this (left) was why. “Severe Overcrowding”. I’m not even sure why this happened today, there wasn’t any special event on or anything, just a normal Wednesday morning.

It was so “severely overcrowded” that they had to stop all DLR trains from going into (or leaving) Bank to try and ebb the number of people coming into the station. This was not before I arrived and I got stuck in this sea of people.. It took me 15 mins to shuffle to my platform-a journey that only takes 1 or 2 minutes normally!

And they say we’re ready for the Olympics…

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Day 11 of my happiness experiment- Physical and mental health!

I went to the doctors this evening. After 3 years of on-and-off ear piercing infections, I finally decided to sought help.

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Day 8, 9, 10 of my happiness experiment-One big massive post on marriage freedom, being Chinese and British weather

Uh oh! I’m so behind on my blog posts!  I wonder if I can combine them all into one big one..

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Day 7 of my happiness experiment- Suicide Blog Posts…

Worked from home day today as BT still haven’t fixed the internet at work!

So, being in SEO, I have to sift through tons of blogs a day and get in touch with bloggers and do some blogger outreach. Today I found my first suicide blog post…I ended up reading a few of the final posts. I think this happiness thingy must be working because although I could undestand what the guy was saying, I still have a bright(ish) outlook on life and stuff.

I’d be lying if reading them didn’t affect me, but its not affected me in a wholly negative way like I thought it would.

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Day 6 of my happiness experiment- The fast internet is a privilege not a right!

Well the internet died in the office so we all got sent home to work.




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Day 5 of my happiness experiment- Hindsight and Nostalgia

We were woken up by boyfs family asking us if we wanted to see the monthly farmer’s market and get breakfast there. I was like “hell yeah!” a chance to visit a Scottish farmer’s market and a promise of food, it doesn’t take more than that to get me out of bed.

Our trip came to an end at 3pm and we had to make our way to the train station for our 7hr journey back down to London. Fun times!

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Day 4 of my happiness experiment- A bit of a girly theme to it, make up, gfs and eggs..

First and only full day at Cameron House. We went for  breakfast at the main building, a ceremony of boyfs dad opening all 52 of his presents, swimming in the pool-I did four lengths (check me out!) and walked (the long way back) to the lodge we are staying at.

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